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Phantom Pro ii Active

Phantom Pro ii Active is Sold Secure and CRiS approved

JRC Solutions are authorised installers of Phantom Tracking equipment for caravans and motor homes

Are you one step ahead?

Every year there are around 3000 caravans stolen with the Insurance industry estimating a staggeringly low 5-10% recovery rate. With this in mind, there is no better time to get your caravan or motor home protected with a Phantom tracking unit.

Phantom's proactive tracking systems use the latest technology to ensure that if thieves target your caravan or motor home we can:

QUICKLY - identify the theft or break in
ACCURATELY - pinpoint its location
CONFIDENTLY - liaise with the police to ensure a speedy recovery
TRACK IT - across all of Western Europe

With many years of experience, Phantom were the only company that originally brought tracking systems to the forefront of the leisure industry. Which means that many devices on the market cannot match what ours can do. So get secured with Phantom for just £499 including fitting plus a competitive annual charge. With massive annual insurance savings of up to 30% offsetting the installation costs.

£499 Fitted,
and a subscription
of £99 per year,
or £349 for 5 years

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